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Belvedere's Bills - Volusia's Vexation: Unveiling the Impact of HB 1547/SB 1624 and HB 1645/SB 1628

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL - Volusia County residents are at a critical juncture, facing threats to their autonomy and well-being through HB1547/SB1628 and HB1645/SB1624. In fact, these bills threaten all Floridians. These bills will pass through House and Senate Subcommittees before making it to the floor of the House and Senate for a full vote. We break down the Senate version of these bills below:

Senate Bill 1628 “requires local governments to seek to minimize or eliminate the potential negative impacts of a local government action on energy and fuel production and transmission, energy distribution, and fuel storage; and supply chain points of connection, including ports, railways, and rail stations.”

Senate Bill 1624 “prohibits amendments to a local government’s comprehensive plan, land use map, zoning districts, or land development regulations in a manner that would conflict with resiliency facility classification after a specified date.”

The backdrop to these bills is a menacing plan by Belvedere Terminals to construct a fuel farm in Volusia County, endangering lives, and wreaking havoc on nature and wildlife. It's crucial to recognize that SB 1624 and 1628 were designed explicitly to facilitate Belvedere Terminals' expansion into the southeast US, commencing with Florida.Background:

  • Senate Bill 1628 could limit residents' local decision-making on energy and fuel-related matters, acting as a red carpet for Belvedere Terminals' intrusive plans.

  • Senate Bill 1624 may compromise residents’ ability to control rezoning efforts, specifically designed to smooth the path for Belvedere's foothold expansion into the southeast US.


  • Potential impacts include compromised decision-making, environmental safety risks, and economic instability, all spurred by Belvedere Terminals' intrusive fuel farm plans.

  • The bills are not about safeguarding our community; they are a strategic maneuver to pave the way for Belvedere Terminals' expansion into the southeast US.

Call to Action:

1. Contact Committee Members:

2. Highlight Our Situation:

  • Communicate the challenges we face, including legal actions by Belvedere Terminals and the detrimental impact of these bills.

3. Submit Testimonies:

  • Share written testimonies with committee members, linking legal actions against Volusia County and the calculated implications of these bills designed for Belvedere Terminals.

4. Attend Committee Hearings:

  • Stay informed about the journey of the bill and position of the Committee Members.

  • Attend hearings virtually or in person to share our concerns and expose the ulterior motives behind SB 1624 and 1628.

5. Spread Awareness:

  • Use social media, local forums, and community meetings to inform fellow residents about Belvedere Terminals intrusive fuel farm plans and the need for unified opposition against SB 1624 and 1628.

6. Engage Environmental Justice Organizations:

  • Contact national and state non-profit organizations focused on environmental justice.

  • Request their opposition to SB 1624 and 1628, emphasizing the severe environmental and community impact.

  • Seek 100% buy-in from these organizations to strengthen our collective efforts.


Your voices matter. Let's unite under the banner of #VolusiaStrong. Together, we can expose the true motives behind these bills and ensure decisions affecting you and your property are made locally, with the best interests of Volusia County residents at the forefront.

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