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The Power of Citizen Scientists

Fight For Zero works on collaborative projects where communities participate in collecting and analyzing data relating to water, soil, and air quality. It's a form of learning and gaining knowledge while empowering people to make a difference in their communities. Citizen science encourages people to take a stake in the environment around them. Being informed plays a valuable role in influencing decisions being made in your town. 


You do not need to have a scientific background to be a part of collecting samples and we encourage children to get involved in the projects. It doesn't require committing large quantities of time to be a part of the research team. Independent testing brings transparency to the public by sharing results and information. Public participation enables investigations that would not otherwise be possible and ensures that you will understand the scientific research even better. Becoming a citizen scientist can be an incredible asset to the community. 

Brevard County, Florida


Fight For Zero Independent Testing:

City and County Testing:

Other Studies and Tests:

Brevard County, Florida


Fight For Zero 2023 Independent Testing:

  • Coming soon. Thank you for your patience as we raise money for additional drive storage. 

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