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Brevard County Pollution in Archived Newspapers

Discussions surrounding pollution and the decline of water quality in the Indian River Lagoon and Banana River began in the early 1970s. Archived newspapers document a history of discussions revolving around the environmental impacts of sewage pollution, space industry contamination, chemical use, hazardous waste, incineration, drinking water quality, and impacts on wildlife. In 1977 Melbourne and Titusville drinking water had some of the highest numbers of trihalomethanes detected, and studies began linking cancer to the use of chlorine in the water. Other articles highlight cancer cluster concerns in South Patrick Shores, Port St. John's power plant impacts with soot covering the communities and stripping paint from vehicles, space industry impacts, high amounts of chemicals being dumped in the Atlantic, DDT and other pesticide use, and much more. We have highlighted key phrases and paragraphs to help you better navigate the topic. Please consider donating to help us continue our research! 

Indian River Lagoon
and Banana River