Brevard County Study on PFAS

PFAS compounds were detected in groundwater and drinking water throughout Brevard County after the Department of Defense released their sampling report in 2018. Our nonprofit organization, Fight For Zero, has been a leader in bringing awareness to PFAS contamination in Florida and has partnered with the University of Florida (UF) for this project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Our grassroots group collects samples from around the county to help UF researchers learn more about how these chemicals can spread from their original locations. We work to build community engagement, educate, support UF in their research, and give these communities the tools needed to take on these challenges. This study will help us better understand PFAS contamination health risks and prevent exposures. To learn more, keep scrolling! 

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$80 Water Test Kit PFAS

Cyclopure has offered a 25% discount on PFAS analysis of drinking water using their kit. 


It is very easy. You buy the kit online, they ship the kit to you, you run your water through the cup, ship back, and they send the results directly to you. They will test your water for perfluorinated PFAS chemicals, including PFOA, PFOS, GenX, and 13 additional contaminants.


Cyclopure discount code: FLA2021


Note: If you decide to test your water with Cyclopure, they will also send your drinking water data to the research team (anonymized), and the data will be included within the scope of this project.

Several companies make in-house PFAS testing kits. We are not endorsing Cyclopure. They are offering a discount because the team collaborates with them on other projects. 

Become a Citizen Scientist

Are you ready to help make a difference for future generations by collecting scientific data through water, soil, and air sampling? We are building teams of citizen scientists in each city of Brevard County to collect samples and share those results with your communities. 

Brevard County residents can become a part of this project and put on an exclusive email by signing up as a citizen scientist. You will gain access to our grassroots virtual meetings and training videos to learn how to take the samples. The testing kits and materials are provided along with an online workshop to discuss details and teach communities how to take samples. If you would like to help us collect water around your community submit your name, city, phone, and email.

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Calendar of Upcoming Meetings and Webinars

Thursday, June 23, 2021 (2-6 pm) First Annual PFAS Conference 

Interactive Map of Testing Locations and Results

C O M I N G    S O O N !

Testing Coordinates

Project Documentation of Sampling, Training, and Environmental Conditions