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We are protecting our economy, farmlands, food, and health by protecting our environment. Learn more at  


Is your drinking water safe? This Florida organization found PFAS contamination in schools and drinking water fountains. 

This organization uncovered and documented the highest unusual mortality event with manatees in Florida, and you will not believe the images they captured.


Did you know sewage treatment plants do not remove PFAS cancer-causing chemicals? So when they release "treated" sewage into our waterway, it contaminates those downstream. 

We must all fight to protect our natural resources. For farmers, fisheries, wildlife, health, and our children. 

I believe that all communities have a right to clean water and health.

Florida's economy depends on clean water. We must protect it! Learn more at

This organization investigated schools in 67 counties of Florida and learned that not all provided clean water to faculty and students.

This organization is tracking environmental exposures in communities across Florida:

Did you know you don't have a constitutional right to clean water? Before, it was PFAS contamination; it was radium; it was DDT, it was PCBs, and the cycle continues until we strengthen the laws.

#StopTheSource of sewage spills, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, etc., by telling our "protection" agencies to stop authorizing the spills. 

As threatened manatees perish in unprecedented numbers throughout Florida, the government approved contracts that grant the FWC funding to purchase and spray herbicides on waterways. 

I am helping <insert name> #FightforZero cancer in Florida.


Did you know that Fight for Zero found evidence of higher numbers of bladder cancer and leukemia in Brevard County? Check out their map on 

"Encouraging" state legislators to do anything regarding health is saying, "we hope you'll do the right thing, but if you don't, there are no repercussions," which is why community groups like exist. 

"Suggestions" don't protect our children from toxic exposures. There are known risk factors that can increase the risk of a child developing cancer which is why research into causes is important.

These cancer survivors were forced to fight for clean water, stricter regulations, and the cleanup of their communities. 

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