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people were empowered by Fight for Zero's goals


grassroots members of Fight for Zero

Our unique approach to citizen science, research, and community engagement is helping us protect our environmental resources in Florida. With your help and our many partners, we are fighting back to preserve paradise, protect wildlife and lessen our harmful exposures. 


We invite you to read through our annual reports and financial statements to fully understand the scope of our reach and results fully. Together, we can continue to break down the barriers and help break the cycle of being exposed to toxins through access to resources such as water quality and soil testing, scientific studies, data collection, and educational campaigns that bring awareness and action through grassroots efforts.  


Annual Report

Income B.png

FY 2021 Income

Total Grants: $5,000

Reimbursement: $2,162

Contributions: $1,714

Expenses Chart

FY 2021 Expenses

Web Maintenance:  $373

Office Supplies:  $1,568

Test Kits & Equipment:  $2,446

Travel:  $2,242

Marketing:  $764.64

Conferences:  $111 

We believe in and practice transparency, ethical accounting, and donor stewardship. Below you will find our annual fiscal reporting, including our Annual Report, audited Financial Statements, and IRS Form 990s.

Fight For Zero is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. When you donate to Fight For Zero, you become part of one of the most respected organizations in the state. We are recognized around communities as knowledgeable and caring individuals who collaborate with leading institutions, other organizations, and agencies to help solve the environmental crisis and its impacts on health.

Annual Reports
Tax Returns (Form 990)

Our fiscal year runs from January through December and we post our financials and annual report as early as March each year. We use Rhonda L. Hinds & Assoc. CPA for our accounting. 

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