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Working Towards a Future with Zero

We are cancer survivors and military families impacted by Department of Defense contamination. Harmful levels of toxic substances were dumped into waterways, which seeped into the ground and drinking water in our hometown. As we fought life-altering diseases at young ages, we learned that these illnesses were preventable and likely caused by toxic exposures.

Our work goes beyond the environment as we observe how pollution contributes to debilitating diseases in those exposed. We support measures to ban toxic chemicals, integrate sustainable food packaging, incentivize plastic reduction, prevent sewage overflows, and more. Our team is passionate about defending everyone's right to clean water and a healthy future.

We aim to create a platform for individuals, government officials, and businesses to come together to support causes that impact our community. Join us and be part of the movement to Fight for Zero.

The mission of our nonprofit is to eliminate preventable and treatable diseases while protecting the environment. Through research, education, and advocacy, we will work to improve public health and preserve the ecosystem. Together, we can create the world we all want to live in.

Becoming Resilient

We Fight for a Very Important Reason

Finding the courage to overcome an unexpected diagnosis

Our military family's life took an unthinkable turn in 2013 after we learned that our family was contaminated by the Department of Defense, who had known that PFAS chemicals were harmful since the 70s and continued to use them anyway. My uncle, brother, family dog, and I were diagnosed with cancer that year without a family history. Our case was so unique that we had genetic testing, which showed no mutation genes, indicating we did not have an increased risk of developing the disease. My medical records documented that our cancer was likely environmentally caused, which began my journey into environmental health advocacy. Through this work, I have connected with thousands of families nationwide impacted by environmental illness while teaching the value of clean water, air, soil, food, and health. Surviving cancer meant a second chance at life to positively impact my community and children's future. Advocacy has given me a purpose, and I'm honored to be a globally recognized environmental health leader, devoting my spare time to this work.

Stel Bailey Florida environm

Stel Bailey


Fight for Zero Initiatives

Fight For Zero knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by but, most notably, through the actions of our initiatives.


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Pollution threatens our environment and health. It's a nationwide problem that requires community cooperation.
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