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About Half of US Water "Too Polluted" for Swimming, Fishing or Drinking

Overcoming Obstacles: Cancer Survivors' Fight for Clean Water

Families living on Florida's space coast came together to form an organization with a shared objective - to eradicate cancer and pollution from their community. Their determination stemmed from the shocking revelation of harmful substances being dumped into the water, ultimately polluting their drinking water supply. These pollutants originated from military bases, affecting not just service members but also their families and neighboring communities. Due to the presence of three active bases, numerous manufacturing companies, and a long military history, the water, soil, and air suffered adverse effects. The founders, who had personally battled life-changing illnesses at a young age, recognized that these diseases could have been prevented, fueling their passion for environmental health.

The Roadmap to Zero

Our mission goes beyond the scope of the environment as we explore the profound influence of pollution on the emergence of debilitating diseases. We actively advocate for banning dangerous chemicals, enhancing the welfare of communities, protecting the most vulnerable populations and children, and preventing detrimental exposures. Our committed team is motivated by an unwavering resolve to ensure universal access to clean water, healthcare, and a prosperous future. 

We aim to create a platform that brings together individuals, government officials, and businesses, fostering a collective effort to support causes that have tangible changes in our society. Join us and become an essential part of the movement to Fight for Zero.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to fight for zero cancer and diseases by preventing harmful environmental exposures. We are committed to creating a future where everyone can live without fear of exposure to dangerous toxins. 

Meet the Founder

In 2013, our military family experienced an unimaginable turn of events when we discovered that the Department of Defense had knowingly exposed us to harmful PFAS chemicals, despite being aware of their dangers since the 1970s. That year, my uncle, brother, family dog, and I were diagnosed with cancer, despite having no prior family history of the disease. My medical records documented that our cancer was most likely caused by environmental factors, which ignited my passion for environmental justice. Through this important work, I have had the opportunity to connect with numerous families across the country who have been affected by toxic exposures while also emphasizing the significance of clean water, air, soil, food, and overall health. Surviving cancer has granted me a second chance at life, motivating me to make a positive difference in my community and strive for a better future for my children.

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Stel Bailey



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Pollution threatens our environment and health. It's a nationwide problem that requires community cooperation.
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