Advocating for Change

Our common bond was illness and the discovery of harmful chemicals in our water. Our journey to saving lives began. We became advocates and stood at podiums, some for the very first time.  We worked tirelessly to build relationships with both communities and experts, attended both local and regional meetings, and organized our own. We can make a difference, together, by addressing the environmental factors that increase the likelihood of exposure and disease. Our goal is to promote clean water, air, and soil because we believe that maintaining a healthy environment improves the quality of life.



We've responded to over 5,000 messages and phone calls

from concerned families in

the state of Florida


We've traveled more than 3,500 miles and spent more than 26,000 hours to help people in their communities


We personally invested more than $34,000 to testing, research, legal fees, experts, and community outreach

About the Organization

Fight For Zero is a nonpartisan organization in the state of Florida dedicated to the environment and defending everyone's right to a healthy community.  We create awareness, build community engagement, educate, empower people, and deliver effective solutions that will help future generations.


There’s no time to waste in coming together to fight for zero contaminates in our water, soil, and air – which is why Fight For Zero is providing resources to make a difference in every county across the state of Florida. Fight For Zero's team consists of scientists, lawyers, communication experts, programmers, policy experts, doctors, and parents who work tirelessly to stand up for future generations.


Through our online databases, reports, crowdsourcing, education, and campaigns, we are empowering Floridians to live healthier by caring for the environment. 


We know actions speak louder than words. That’s why we built a community of volunteers, advocates, and grassroots activists who show up when and where it counts. Our unique approach to solving toxins in the environment is helping us change lives around the state. With your help and that of our many partners, we can make a difference.


Together, we can continue to break down the barriers and help break the cycle of being exposed to toxins through access to testing, filtration systems, and remediation.



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