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Citizen Science Guide

Don't wait for a crisis to take action on environmental testing and see what is in your community. Fight for Zero believes that stopping the sources of pollution by holding polluters accountable for their role in contaminating air, soil, and water should be a priority for lawmakers. Communities impacted by contamination often find that they have the burden of proof and cannot rely on government agencies to find "what they aren't looking for." That's why advocates across the nation have raised funds to do independent testing and have become citizen scientists gathering data where there are gaps. 

This information aims to allow people to learn what's in their water, tell them what steps they can take to protect themselves, and push for stricter federal limits on harmful chemicals in the water, air, and soil. One definite way to tell if your water is contaminated is by testing it. Even if you cannot see, taste, or smell the contaminants, there are resources to help you detect them.

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Basic Testing Information & Resources