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Harnessing the Power of Collective Action

We are a nonprofit organization that was founded by cancer survivors and their families. Our work in reducing harmful exposures and fighting against polluting industries has gained international recognition. We rely solely on the support of our community and are always on the lookout for volunteers who are willing to contribute their time and skills for the greater good. 


We aim to inspire and empower individuals, communities, and businesses to join us in protecting the environment and promoting well-being. We strongly believe that everyone has a part to play in creating a better future. Through partnerships with national and regional organizations, we share knowledge and foster collaboration. Together, we are committed to advocating for a healthier world and building stronger communities.

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  • Committee Liaison for Guidance on PFAS testing and health outcomes with the National Academies of Sciences

  • Awarded a three-year PFAS Exposure Study grant with UF in 2020. 

  • Worked with ATSDR for chronic stress training guidance

  • Community input to the EPA, DoD, ATSDR, CDC, and white house staff on PFAS contamination

  • Speaking Engagements: 3rd National PFAS conference at North Carolina State University, Rollins College 15th Annual Summit, Environmental Working Group (EWG) inaugural PFAS conference, Central Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (CFAEP) Conference, SAFE EPA event in Washington DC, 2022

  • Manatee Unusual Mortality Event designation 2021

  • Earned a "seat at the table" in the first EPA summit on PFAS and organized to drive the agenda at local EPA summits on PFAS across the country 

  • 4,500 grassroots members

  • Launched The Advocates Voice with 60,000 supporters

  • Indian River Lagoon Fish Survey 2021

A Voice

  • EPA listed PFOA & PFOS as Hazardous Substances under CERCLA 2022

  • Passed TRI reporting and sued EPA in federal court to force the agency to close illegal loophole that let chemical plants and military bases across the United States a voice in disclosing their PFAS emissions into the environment

  • Filed motion to intervene for PFOA/PFOS health advisories 

  • Released the disclosure of hidden documents on PFAS chemicals admitting there were significantly more toxic than previously portrayed

  • Got 29 more PFAS tested in the UCMR5

  • Drinking water health advisory levels changed to PFOS at .004 ppt and PFOS at .02 ppt in 2022

  • $20 million through NDAA for a national multi-site health study of PFAS

  • $500 million for cleaning of DOD sites through the 2022 NDAA and $168 million in 2021

  • $10 billion for PFAS Communities in the Infrastructure package

  • PFAS Action Act 2021 (federal)

  • Six introduced PFAS bills in 2022 Florida legislation.


  • Education & Awareness Projects: The Advocates Voice + Podcast, films, advocate workshops, national toxic series, community meetings & conferences.

  • The Timeline Project Historical research into pollution and disease clusters. 

  • Testing Projects: Drinking water, groundwater, surface water, soil, sand, foam, fish, agriculture, etc. 

  • Investigations: Disease cluster rates, FUD sites, phosphate mining impacts, Manatee UME, school safety, DoD & legacy contamination, sewage pollution, & harmful bacteria.  

  • Mapping Projects: Cancer and autoimmune data, PFAS contamination, FUDS properties, Superfunds, and more to come. 

  • Closer to Zero Projects: Planting more to uptake pollution, supporting initiatives to stop pollution sources, litter cleanups, and assisting other organizations in projects.

Continued Goals

  • Transform yards into eco-lawns to eliminate the need for fertilizers while creating food sources, pollinator habitats, and natural pollution filters. 

  • Convert stormwater ponds to natural ecosystems by increasing native vegetation around the perimeter to encourage no-mow.

  • Continue funding test kits and water and air filters for families in need. 

  • Work with local schools to develop water quality projects.

  • Meet with stakeholders to share scientific data and proposals on remediation alongside academic partners.

  • Continue collaborations on current projects with partners.

  • Deliver eco-care packages to families fighting life-altering diseases. 

  • Education projects through podcasts, videography, photography, workshops, and outdoor activities

  • Publication of peer-reviewed study, manatee documentary, and podcast.

  • Furthering education through college classes, training, courses, and programs.


  • Story of the 2018 year and published on the Sunday front cover of Florida Today for work done in South Patrick Shores and Satellite Beach, Florida

  • In the Media: Brockovich Report, The Guardian, Fox News, Fox35, Hometown News, Click Orlando, News 13, PBS, Spectrum 9, American University Radio, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, NPR, Yahoo, US News, Fox 13 Seattle, WLRN Sundial Radio, CBS News, Eco Watch, AP News, Capital Public Radio, Space Coast Daily, Okinawa TV in Japan, & podcasts. 

  • Documentaries: Phosfate, Forever in Florida, Humanatee, Toxicities, Cancer Alley, No Defense

  • Participation: ORCA, Safer EPA, Academy of Sciences, National PFAS Contamination Coalition, University of Florida, The Right to Clean Water, Volusia Wildlife Corridor, Community Action Works, Breast Cancer Action

  • Awards: Voice for the Environment 2022


  • Converging on Cancer Workshop with the National Toxicology Program

  • Exploring Pathology Fish Dissection Training 

  • Geosyntec PFAS Webinar Series

  • Wildlife Monitoring UF/IFAS

  • Advancing the Collection & Analysis of PFAS in Blood Webinar with TestAmerica

  • ArcGIS Online Training Course

  • Bachelor of Science in environmental science at Southern New Hampshire University

  • PFAS Analytical Methods and Sampling Training 

  • Water quality field sampling using EPA-certified methods

  • Collect and prepare soil samples for lab analysis of VOCs, SVOCs, PFAS, and heavy metals. 

  • Conduct surface water sampling for algal toxin analysis.

  • Sample counts of manatees in specified blocks at warm water aggregation sites.

  • Identify native and invasive species.

  • Make field observations and record data, including water conditions, coordinates, etc.

  • Compose and consult on science communications where research of peer-reviewed articles are required. ​

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