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Image by Chris Murray

Film Projects Featuring Fight for Zero's Work

Forever in Florida

The chemical family known as PFAS, ubiquitous in everything from waterproof fabrics to nonstick cookware, is also becoming common in water, soil, land—and our bodies. While these “Forever Chemicals” are linked to serious adverse human health outcomes including cancer, neither the federal government nor Florida has regulated them closely. A mini-documentary from Kimberley Fowler and Amy Fu.


The residents of Bone Valley Florida have cancer rates 6 times higher than the national average. This region of central Florida has the largest deposits of the naturally occurring chemical phosphorous, which is mined to make fertilizer. As the chemical is processed, using over 70 million gallons of groundwater, each ton leaves behind 5 times the amount of radioactive rock.

Cancer Alley

This 85-mile stretch of the Mississippi from Baton Rouge to new Orleans, LA has over 150 petro-chemical and chemical plants that are giving some communities cancer rates of 50x the national average. We still are meeting and interviewing more people, and can't wait to share their stories!

Florida's Space Coast

A documentary essay by a national news organization with over 67 million watchers across the world covering the story of the declining water quality on Florida's space coast. Coming soon! 

America's Pollution

A documentary about contamination across America. Coming soon!

In the Near Future

A documentary following advocates fighting to stop the sources of pollution in the Indian River Lagoon and waterways across Florida. 

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