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From Surviving Cancer to Battling Water Contamination

After overcoming their own battles with cancer, a group of young survivors who grew up in Brevard County started investigating the pollution in their community. Their findings revealed that both the military and aerospace industry had been using toxic chemicals, leading to water contamination and causing harm to soldiers' families and nearby communities. This discovery fueled their determination to seek justice and safeguard others from the hazardous effects of exposure. This is how Fight for Zero, the nonprofit organization, came into existence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight for zero cancer and diseases by preventing harmful environmental exposures. We are committed to creating a future where everyone can live without fear of exposure to dangerous toxins. Join us in our fight, and let’s work together to protect our planet and communities from environmental hazards.

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The Health Registry

Submit Your Health Information to the

Fight for Zero Disease Registry

Fight for Zero initiated a process of gathering health information from the public to enhance our understanding of the environment and its effects on our well-being. The information collected has been utilized to evaluate the health consequences of air and water pollution, as well as to track patterns in disease occurrence. Moreover, this data has been instrumental in assisting communities with environmental research, contributing to medical guidelines on toxic exposures, promoting disease prevention efforts, conducting assessments of environmental health risks, and shaping environmental health policies. Our dedication lies in providing the most comprehensive and current information, enabling us to proactively address emerging threats and establish a healthier future for all.

Take Action: Ways you Can Support Fight for Zero

Together, we can create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.