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Take Action: Sign the Right to Clean Water Petition

The law is written to protect polluters, but Floridians can change that with a constitutional amendment. Signing the petition will help protect our economy, health, and children's future! 

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The Silent Crisis: Pollution Poisoning America's Water Sources

Overcoming Cancer to Fighting Water Pollution

Having triumphed over their own personal battles with cancer, a resilient group of young survivors from Brevard County, Florida, set out on a mission to uncover the alarming rates of disease and pollution that plagued their community. Their relentless investigation led them to a shocking revelation: Three operational military bases and more than a dozen industrial facilities had been negligently contaminating water sources, posing an imminent threat to the health of wildlife, fisheries, food sources, military families, children, and nearby communities. This groundbreaking discovery ignited a fierce determination within them to seek justice and fueled their passion for raising awareness about the presence of harmful manmade chemicals in water resources worldwide. They also shed light on the influence of industries in shaping regulations meant to protect the environment and health. And so, Fight for Zero, the nonprofit organization, was born, driven by an ardent desire to spare other families from the anguish that accompanies disease.

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The Health Registry

Submit Your Health Information to the

Fight for Zero Disease Registry

Cancer survivors began gathering health information from the public to increase understanding of the effects of toxic exposure on human health. This data has supported communities in environmental research, contributed to medical guidelines on toxic exposures, promoted disease prevention efforts, conducted assessments of environmental health risks, and influenced environmental health policies.

Take Action: Ways you Can Support Fight for Zero

Our mission is to fight for zero cancer and diseases by preventing harmful environmental exposures. We are committed to creating a future where everyone can live without fear of exposure to dangerous toxins. Come and support our cause. Together, we can safeguard our precious natural resources and build a brighter future for children.