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What Can We Do Differently?


Many communities and local governments are taking a direct stand against corporations by enacting laws that expand rights, health, and safety protections for people and ecosystems. 


Federal and state environmental laws have failed to protect the environment because regulations and agencies "legalize" and "permit" activities that harm the environment. 

It is time for Florida to establish limits on the water pollution that threatens families’ health and drinking water. This pollution is poisoning the rivers, lakes and streams that supply water to our faucets. Floridians deserve clean drinking water, not water polluted with sewage, fertilizer and manure runoff. 

Several Florida counties have already taken steps to provide a bill of rights in their communities including: Alachua, Brevard, Orange, Lee, and Osceola. The most valuable thing in your community is the people! 


Through our mission to establish zero contaminates in the environment, we found that the government has worked harder to suppress these issues rather than stand alongside its communities concerns. We also discovered that the way the laws are currently written do not protect us; new laws to protect ecosystems are needed. We have the right to protect our own health, safety and welfare. This is why Fight For Zero supports the rights of nature movement here in Florida. 

Right of Nature Brevard County

What is Rights of Nature?

Bringing communities together to establish the rights o nature in law - recognizing the rights of ecosystems and communities to exist and thrive. Empowering people and their governments to defend and enforce these rights.

Protecting Local Waterways

Federal and state environmental laws have failed to protect waterways such as the Indian River Lagoon, Banana River, and the St. Johns River because environmental regulations and agencies "legalize and "permit" activities that harm the environment. 

Find Your Community

Alachua | Safebor

Brevard | The Brevard Movement

Orange  | Speak Up Wekiva

Lee | Clean Water Now


Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Did you know?

  • Did you know that 11 million people live within 1 mile of a superfund site and that 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals — including 72 million pounds of carcinogens — are emitted annually from 10,000 industrial polluters? Those industrial chemicals are found in more than 700 people and more than 1,800 new chemicals are introduced annually. 

  • The current structure of law prevents communities most affected by environmental destruction from adopting local laws to protect themselves.

  • Under our current structure of law, communities are prohibited from banning unsustainable activities.

  • Lake Erie in Ohio has a bill of rights protecting it.

  • Several Florida counties have already taken the steps to provide a bill of rights in their communities including: Alachua, Brevard, Orange, Lee, and Osceola. 

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