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Fight For Zero Cancer + Chronic Illness

Our team started noticing areas throughout Florida with a higher number of cancer diagnoses in 2014. That started our journey to collecting self-reported medical information. Fight For Zero's research provides missing data points coming from the people that local, state, and federal agencies cannot or will not gather. 

Hundreds of individuals come forward with their concerns across the state of Florida including suspected contamination, environmental pollution, military base-related issues, and concern for their families' health. 

Our interactive map allows communities across the state of Florida to share information and for our team to provide data to officials who can help us safeguard our children's health and future. 

      Report you cancer diagnosis     

Report Your Autoimmune Disease 

Our mission is to help families across the state of Florida affected by cancer or chronic illness. One of the ways we do this is by collecting self-reported medical information. We then map the illnesses in our registry which assists in identifying pollution in our communities.