Were you diagnosed with a disease in Florida and suspect that your illness was due to an environmental factor?

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Fight For Zero began crowdsourcing health information in 2014. This data is crucial in helping communities in environmental studies and independent testing. This information collection helped get Brevard and Manatee County cancer assessments done through the Florida Department of Health. We collaborate with other organizations nationally such as Trevor's Trek Foundation, aid in epidemiological research, and use mapping and graphics to educate our representatives. 

Did you know that if you are diagnosed with cancer, your information is automatically put into a national cancer registry in the state you were diagnosed with? It's called the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program (SEER Program). There is also a mandated population-based, statewide cancer registry in Florida called the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS). The issue with these registries is that many cancer clusters are missed, like The Acreage in Florida. Communities have to advocate for studies and investigations into abnormal rates of disease in their neighborhood.


Cancer and exposure to toxic substances in the environment are difficult to connect because a "latency period" takes 15-20 years after your environmental exposure before you're diagnosed. This data is important in helping us connect the dots.


By bringing awareness to the exposure of cancer-causing chemicals, people can take steps to get health screenings and detect diseases in early stages. You can lower the risk of cancer and other diseases by making strategic lifestyle changes or taking measures to reduce your exposure to harmful environmental factors. Our organization knows that prevention and early detection save lives. That's how we are fighting for zero cancer and disease in communities across Florida.

*Please note that Fight For Zero is not affiliated, associated, or connected with any other organization, online group, or government agency. Be cautious of other groups claiming to collect health information for the same purposes as our organization. Please confirm that other groups are legally registered and be careful when sharing personal information. Fight For Zero began these efforts in 2014 and takes confidentiality seriously

Our mission is to help families across the state of Florida affected by cancer or chronic illness. One of the ways we do this is by collecting self-reported medical information. We then map the illnesses in our registry which assists in identifying pollution in our communities.