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Famed Environmental Activist Erin Brockovich Tours Florida's Water Crisis

Empowering Communities to Drive Change

SATELLITE BEACH, FL., September 2018 - Erin Brockovich, a renowned environmental activist, and Bob Bowcock, a water expert, traveled to multiple Florida communities facing water quality issues. They toured southeastern Fort Pierce, White City, Indian River Drive, Satellite Beach, and St. Lucie County. Throughout their visit, they guided these communities on how to advocate for necessary changes. They encouraged environmentalists throughout the state to continue their efforts in safeguarding natural resources. In Brevard County, harmful chemicals known as PFOA and PFOS were discovered in groundwater, reclaimed water, and sewage during water tests. These chemicals were found at high levels on Patrick Air Force Base and have caused concern for nearby communities, such as South Patrick Shores, where burnt military artifacts have been found in yards. With over 800 cancer cases and positive water test results, Brevard County residents are worried about PFAS contamination from three active installations. To address these concerns, community members had the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight from experts, including activist Erin Brockovich, who spent six hours discussing ways to reduce exposure to these chemicals and advocating for stricter laws to protect families. Glioblastoma, a deadly and aggressive form of brain cancer, is alarmingly high in St. Lucie County. Recently, Brockovich met with the affected families privately and discussed the issue. She also talked about the toxic blue-green algae blooms caused by the discharges from Lake Okeechobee, affecting both St. Lucie and the Caloosahatchee Rivers. The Florida communities continue to look up to Erin Brockovich and Bob Bowcock as they strive for a healthy and safe environment, inspired and mentored by these great individuals.


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