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Your purchases will help change lives. A portion of these goods and services is donated to support our work to empower families throughout the sate with access to testing, filters, remediation, legal aide, medical help and more.

Why work with local partners?  No organization, no matter how motivated, can change the world alone. To help shield communities from pollution and children from drinking contaminated water, F4Z collaborates with a broad range of international partners to build the momentum needed to secure stronger environmental safeguards and build a better future for us all. We joined forces with a network of allies: environmental firms, laboratories, scientists, geologists, universities, remediation experts, historians, law firms, doctors, water experts and more. The organizations and companies that we choose to support have demonstrated a community-centered approach and deep knowledge of project implementation.

Do you have a business that wants to give back?  Check out our cause marketing program.

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Percentage of purchase goes to #FightForZero

Purchase a MultiPure water system certified by NSF International. Multipure believes in the improvement of people's health, quality of life, and the environment.

Shop with Tiffany Johnson  >  $300 - $1,035

dawn harrell beach art.jpg

Percentage of purchase goes to #FightForZero

Purchase a Dawn Harrell Art painting and mention #FightForZero. Dawn is a local surf artist and environmentalist which has given her passion for visual art.

Shop on Dawn Harrell Art  >  $10 - $275


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