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Doing Your Part for the Environment

Starving manatees is the symptom of polluted waterways and impacts Florida's wildlife and human health, which is why Fight For Zero is focused on water quality and the source of pollution. Learn, advocate, educate, donate, and volunteer! The responsibility of our environment falls on all of us.

If you see a manatee in distress or deceased, call FWC's Wildlife Alert Toll-Free Number: 1-888-404-FWCC (1-888-404-3922), press "7" to speak with an operator. Reasons for a manatee rescue: Manatee Rescue

Write the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): 

The Indian River Lagoon was designated as a National Estuary by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1990. This program is supposed to "protect and restore the water quality and ecological integrity of estuaries of national significance." 32 years later, our lagoon does not have swimmable or fishable water and cannot sustain life as we watch our manatees perishing every day.  Ask the EPA why they failed to protect our National Estuary:

Report Environmental Violations to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Ask Questions! 

Don't be afraid to ask how your tax dollars are being spent and questions you may have concerning manatee rescues:

Repost on Social Media!

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The Indian River Lagoon was designated as a National Estuary by the @EPA in 1990. This program is supposed to protect and restore the water quality and ecological integrity of estuaries of significance. 32 years later, we do not have swimmable or fishable water.  #Fight4Zero

The way we treat our environment affects everything from human health to the well-being of our wildlife. #Fight4Zero

More Ways to Help

Actions that bring Awareness 


  • Share this educational link with your friends, family, and neighbors! 

  • Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay up to date and follow us on social media. 

  • Use the hashtags: #StopTheSOURCE, #Fight4Zero, #RightToCleanWater


Join the Fight For Zero Grassroots Team


  • Become a Fight For Zero grassroots team member and help monitor environmental pollution through video footage and photography, collect water quality sampling for various projects, put together clean water marches, and do other fieldwork. 

  • Help by donating nitrile gloves, sampling containers, boat rentals, water sampling test kits, other needed materials, or money toward lab costs.

  • Some of our testings include collecting data on water temperature, dissolved oxygen, harmful bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorus, and PFAS. We would like to begin collecting data on diquat and Glyphosate. 

  • Offer your skills such as graphic designing, writing, campaign managing, social media moderating, and expert input. 

With Your Voice


One of the most effective ways to stand up for our waters is to speak out! Comment on officials' and agencies' posts to let readers know what is happening. Our tax dollars go to funding water projects and saving the manatees and we should all have a say in how they're protected. 

Become an Environmental Monitor


Help us monitor the environmental conditions by reporting, photographing, and video recording environmental issues such as sewage spills, wildlife illnesses, manatee mortality events, fish kills, industrial dumping, environmental injustice, and more. 

The Right to Clean Water


The Right to Clean Water at would prohibit pollution of Florida's waters by recognizing a right to clean water for all Floridians and waterways. It is a nonpartisan effort to put an amendment on the 2024 ballot. To do this, they need to reach 900,000 signed and dated petitions. 

Stop the Spraying


Contact your leaders to stop spraying our environment and waterways with harmful chemicals like Glyphosate and Diquat for aquatic plan management and use safer alternatives such as mechanical harvesting. Also, ask that they implement organic regenerative lawn maintenance programs. 


Tell Your Friends on the Canals

Know someone who lives on a canal? Ask them to stop using harmful chemicals that contribute to water quality decline. Instead, have them grow their grass so that manatees have a natural food source. 

Contribute to the Fight For Zero Blog!


We get 12,000 visitors a month and many are new to Florida! Whether you're passionate about the environment or another organization working on something we can help get information seen. Submit your article by visiting the submit info tab of this website. 


Your Personal Impact


  • Embrace the weeds, do Florida-friendly landscaping, hand pull weeds, or create a permaculture yard.

  • Dispose of chemicals like cleaners properly. Many household chemicals can be recycled, and there are alternatives to harmful products. 

  • Do not buy products that contain persistent and dangerous chemicals in the first place. Many companies now sell non-toxic and biodegradable products. 

  • Use phosphate-free detergent and dish cleaner. Phosphates lead to algae blooms and kill fish and other aquatic animals by reducing oxygen in the water. 

  • Consider installing an efficient toilet in your bathroom that won't use as much water when you flush it.

  • The food we choose to eat impacts the environmental quality, and eating organic reduces the amount of chemical pollution in the water. 

  • Raising animals for meat takes a lot of water, and the antibiotics used tend to end up in our water. Cutting down meat consumption helps the environment. 

  • Report illegal waste disposal and other forms of water pollution such as businesses pouring oil in storm drains, tossing the trash in a stream, etc. 

  • Buy reusable and cut down on plastic. 

  • Plant some trees, bushes, or grass to help reduce erosion that washes pollution into the water. 


Contact the Decision Makers


Governor Ron DeSantis 

Phone: 850-717-9337


U.S. Senators: & U.S. Representatives:


Florida State Senator:  & Florida State Representative: 


Register to Vote: 

Sample Letters to Use



Month, day, year

Environmental Protection Agency 

Coming soon....

Month, day, year
Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
400 S Monroe St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Dear Governor DeSantis,

We are experiencing a record number of manatee deaths, and a significant percentage of them are in my community. Florida's Space Coast is watching as manatees die of starvation in the northern Indian River Lagoon at an alarming rate due to the loss of seagrass. At the same time, we launch rockets into outer space over the very polluted waterways that this is transpiring.

I am writing to request your immediate action on this issue and urge that the state of Florida consider the following recommendations:

  • Feed these manatees food they will eat, hydrilla and water hyacinth, and put a stop to spraying harmful chemicals into our ecosystem onto the manatee's food source. Begin discussing a long-term plan for the manatee's survival as they are unsafe in these waterways. 

  • Get the federal government to revisit the discussion on thermal pollution that keeps these manatees in the polluted waterways that can no longer sustain life.

  • Harmful chemicals from the space industry and Department of Defense such as PFAS were found in the manatee's blood at high levels. I am asking as a taxpayer for comprehensive necropsies that include chemicals like PFAS, DDT, diquat, and glyphosate. Consider the effects of chemical exposures in mammals and wildlife.

  • As a taxpayer, I request that the Florida Wish and Wildlife publish coordinates of all deceased manatees found in the Indian River Lagoon and Banana River and publish necropsy results.

  • I would like to see 24/7 wildlife monitoring cameras installed in areas where these conservation efforts occur.

  • Consider a community meeting with involved advocates and stakeholders to discuss these issues openly.

I look forward to hearing from your office.


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