We believe that all communities have the right to be healthy

Saving Lives by Creating Healthy Communities 

Our quality of life as Floridians relies on the protection and preservation of our environment and ecosystems. Protecting Florida requires independent research, studies, advocacy, and grassroots action.

Taking care of our natural resources, wildlife, and welfare of communities should be number one priority. Whether you need information on in-depth supportive research to share with local professionals and community members, we can help provide the resources you need to help your community to become a healthier place to live for humans and wildlife alike.

We research the challenges confronting our environment and educate the public about what's at stake. We believe that by protecting Florida's unique environment that we are saving lives.

What is Fight For Zero?

Representing 67 counties in the state of Florida, Fight For Zero is a non-profit organization formed to build community engagement, identify policy options to reduce harmful pollutants, conduct scientific studies, and create awareness. We strive to minimize toxic exposure by helping cities across the state of Florida lead the way toward a healthier tomorrow for young children, the elderly, and everyone who lives here. We invest directly into communities affected by harmful toxins by providing water quality testing, scientific research, education, and resources to those who need it. We ask that you help strengthen our efforts in protecting your family and neighbors by getting involved today!

It Should be Zero

Fight For Zero was founded by a group of Floridians who began research into the State’s carelessness with its environmental resources. This lack of standards and accountability has affected human health, marine life, and water quality. We can make a larger impact in the state of Florida by taking personal responsibility for how we are negatively affecting the environment, and reaching out to state representative to encourage tougher regulations. No-one wants bad water or poor health. This is something that we can all come together and agree on. By uniting communities and state leaders, Florida has the potential to becoming a significant leader in these issues happening across the nation.

The only acceptable level of pollutants in our environment is zero.

Did You Know?

Florida has one of the world's most productive aquifers and supplies drinking water to nearly 10 million people. In many areas of Florida, porous limestone provides very little protection to the Floridan aquifer system. Pollutants on the surface can move straight into the aquifer in these areas. 


We've responded to over 5,000 messages and phone calls

from concerned families in

the state of Florida


We've traveled more than 3,500 miles and spent more than 26,000 hours to help people in their communities


We personally invested more than $34,000 to testing, research, legal fees, experts, and community outreach


Children are often the hardest hit by the consequences of poor environmental exposure. For their size, they breathe more air and eat more food than adults, making them more vulnerable to environmental health hazards. 


Your contribution makes our work possible. Our mission is to help families affected by cancer or chronic illness and to protect future generations by fighting for zero toxic pollutants in Florida's environment.


You may be wondering about the devastating algae blooms that killed wildlife and fouled the air. That's one of the most visible problems in Florida, but sadly there are many other issues. To learn about the issues within your community begin your research below.  


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