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Brevard County Health Investigations & Concerns: 

  • Port St. John is an unincorporated neighborhood that was investigated for having a cancer cluster and asthma issues in children before two power plants were decommissioned in the area and a new plant was built. 

  • Palm Bay's Harris Corporation is a superfund site where numerous health investigations occurred, and families brought forward health concerns, including childhood cancer.

  • Kennedy Space Center workers have brought forward health concerns regarding exposures to legacy contamination from the shuttle era. There was an ALS cluster investigation among workers at NASA. 

  • Satellite Beach High School graduates brought concerns in 2018 after learning that the air force base next door, Patrick Air Force Base, had high levels of PFAS chemicals in their wells. 56 graduates were diagnosed with rare cancers, including an Oncologist who attended the high school. The survivors and Fight For Zero pushed for a health investigation and regulations on the chemicals found in the area's groundwater. 

  • South Patrick Shores is an unincorporated neighborhood directly next to Patrick Air Force Base that had 30 cases of Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the 90s. The nonprofit organization, Fight For Zero, brought forward concerns regarding buried military debris underneath homes and pushed for a Formerly Used Defense Site designation in 2019.  

  • PFAS Chemicals were detected in the City of Titusville, Melbourne, and Palm Bay drinking water by nonprofit organization Fight For Zero through professional laboratory testing. 

  • Indian River Lagoon is a national estuary of significance that has had harmful algae blooms throughout the past decade. During warmer months, chemicals used on lawns and by government agencies wash into the watershed feeding harmful algae and causing blooms. Cyanobacteria cause harmful health effects, and bacteria from sewage spills have been known to cause severe infections such as MRSA.