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Submitting My Article to Fight For Zero

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Use your "Reader View Available" option on mobile.  

First of all, thank you for your interest in submitting your personal story, educational article, class paper, and other content related to environmental health. Fight For Zero is working to share content from communities throughout Florida because we believe in amplifying every voice and personal impact story. We would love to work with you!


Below you will find some submissions guidelines. When submitting to our publication, you may need to use a computer, not your smartphone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


  • Creative content that helps educate on various pollution, health, and conservation issues.

  • Excellent resources for our readers to learn and use; letter drafts, how-to, links, etc. 

  • Testimonies of overcoming disease and promoting early detection and prevention methods by bringing awareness to these environmental exposures and illnesses.

  • A summary of how your community has been affected by pollution with linked sources, documents, and photography.  

  • Exciting DIY projects, recipes, and designs that promote sustainable living. 

  • Features on businesses in Florida that are environmentally friendly. 

  • Features on safe products that promote ZERO contaminants in the environment. 

  • Pollution issues that are happening in your area; algae, PFAS, phosphate mining, waste dumping, etc. 

  • Stories about advocacy and activism with tips and tricks. 

  • Positive stories of government officials stepping up to make a difference.

  • Reasons why you love Florida; photography, favorite places to visit, beach life, food, etc. We would like to feature why we fight for what we love


  • Content that is disrespectful, intimidating, hostile, belittling, degrading, humiliating, or threatening to one individual or a group will not be accepted.

  • Content created to gain attention by posing inflammatory, extraneous, off-topic discussion with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response. 

  • Articles that discriminate against any views or have defamation and hate speech and have personally-identifying information.

  • Some content such as medical or legal advice must have disclaimers so that the reader knows their responsibility to seek care to address their personal needs. 

  • We are a nonpartisan group and will not accept articles that are misleading or directed at one political party. We accept content that informs readers of legislation and encourages participation in civic engagement. We ask that the article be factual and leave out personal opinions about the individuals. This content should be sourced with documents and links to the legislation/hearing/etc.  

  • Articles that are written as ads or for solicitation of funds. Fight For Zero does team up with brands that align with our mission. Please email our team if interested in providing our readers with a discount, hosting a giveaway, or affiliate link. 


Due to the way our blog is set up, we prefer horizontal images.

  • Please send anywhere from 2-50 original high-resolution images for us to consider

  • Images should be high-resolution digital images, all individuals (no collages)

  • Photos should be big, bright, and sharp, with no timestamps or watermarks. Low-quality images or out-of-focus images cannot be used.

  • Just because we prefer horizontal images doesn't mean you shouldn't send vertical too! We can organize them so that they are side by side to better fit our blog syle. 


We welcome several different methods for sending images. Here is an assortment of popular ways to share images:


  • Through email to

  • Dropbox folder link

  • Google Drive link

  • Smugmug link

  • Other photo album link


Please make sure that we have granted access to the album to download and to include the gallery download pin (if needed).  


We also ask that you kindly share any known social media handles for all involved - Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Be sure to double-check these handles for accuracy. You will be acknowledged as a contributing writer to our blog. Please include a website or contact information you would like to share in your submission. 


By submitting features to Fight For Zero's Publication, you assume responsibility or ownership of its copyrighted work. Make sure the included vendors agree with the plans to provide featured content. Please do not submit if a submission is pending elsewhere, as we do not retract scheduled features.


If your submission does not have images, we may use stock images but prefer not to.  Furthermore, content that has already been featured in other competing publications or sites may not be accepted. 


Publishing on your personal blog or website is permitted. Please keep in mind that we are an exclusive publication with over 42,000 readers - if you wish to submit accepted content elsewhere, we ask that you wait until 90 days have elapsed since your feature date on this Fight For Zero web page. 


Our team will go through a review and suggested editing process if needed.


We love diversity. That's part of what makes this publication and the team behind it exceptional. We do not discriminate or otherwise prioritize photography sets based on color, religion, sexual orientations, dress size, or national origin. 


You can submit the following information to


  • Your Legal First & Last Name: 

  • Do You Want to Remain Anonymous? 

  • Do You Want to Use a Fictitious Name?

  • Email Address: 

  • Title of Your Submission: 

  • Your Story or Text: You can form this as an article, interview, story, educational post with links, etc. Your text will be proofread. It's okay to embrace imperfection. We have a team ready to help. 

  • Link to Image Gallery: Read the above guidelines for more information. 

  • Gallery or Download Password: 

  • Sources & Credits: Including but not limited to; photographers, stock image sources unless attribution is not required, videographers, the person quoted, references to research, video links, etc.


When submitting, you agree to the following: Other vendors involved in making this content were informed of my submission. I understand that once I submit this work for a feature, it will not be removed by any circumstance. 


  • If you don't hear from us within three weeks, please follow up to ensure we received your submission.


Give the team adequate time to respond. Wait a week or so before following up. If you don't hear back within two weeks, send an email.


Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Have you already submitted to the blog? Are you willing to provide content regularly? If you answered yes to these questions, contact us to become an official contributor to Fight For Zero.


For any additional questions, contact us

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