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Kayaking in Florida

A Powerful Network of Support

Collaborating with supporters provides a greater benefit to all. Working together builds strong connections, generates deeper impact and moves more communities forward.

No organization, no matter how motivated, can change the world alone. To help shield communities from pollution and children from drinking contaminated water, Fight For Zero collaborates with a broad range of international partners to build the momentum needed to secure stronger environmental safeguards and build a better future for us all. We joined forces with a network of allies: environmental firms, laboratories, scientists, geologists, universities, remediation experts, historians, law firms, doctors, water experts, and more. The organizations and companies we support have demonstrated a community-centered approach and deep knowledge of project implementation.

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Fight For Zero has had the honor of helping educate and taking part in important environmental health discussions. 

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"On behalf of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the committee on Guidance on PFAS Testing and Health Outcomes, we want to express our deep appreciation for testimony at the Eastern U.S. Town Hall held on April 7, 2021." Guidance On PFAS Testing and Health Outcomes.

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Featured on the Brockovich Report discussing surviving cancer, advocacy, community engagement, and taking on Florida's water crisis. The Fight For Zero


"Thank you very much for participating in our 15th Annual Summit on Transforming Learning at Rollins College. Your work on Environmental Justice issues is such an inspiration to us all.  I am grateful for your time and participation in Florida's Water Problem breakout session as well as your involvement in other Summit events." - Anne

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Impacted community member, National PFAS Contamination Leader, and invited speaker at the 3rd National PFAS Conference.

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The group is designed to give professionals working in the Environmental Industry a chance to network, discuss current topics or issues in the environment, and participate in local volunteer events with colleagues and peers. CFAEP invites Fight For Zero to speak on Thursday, January 9, 2020


Community Partners support our mission by sharing our story with their audiences and contribute to our cause by volunteering, collaborating, and donating toward our projects. 

Edgewater Environmental Alliance A group of citizens concerned with the current state of our environment, in our city, neighboring communities, and the state as well as the Mosquito Lagoon, its tributaries, fisheries, and ecosystem. 

Apopka Cancer Cases Eddie Poirier, a widower who lost his wife to cancer, and learned 5 years after her death that Apopka tap water didn't meet Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) standards & has not since 2006. 

Erik E Crown An environmental documentary filmmaker fighting cancer who hosts a weekly Conservation Conversation podcast. 

Space Coast Trash Talkers A group of citizens that are tired of apathy in our communities regarding environmental issues. 


Corporate Partners support our mission through donations, grants, combined campaigns, and proceeds from product sales.

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