Fight For Zero Team

Collaboration & Contributions

Stel Bailey, President & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Dubitsky, Executive Vice President

Josh Bailey, Brevard County Leader

Cheryl Joza, West Coast Regional Director

Emerald Cromwell, Pinellas County Director

Abbey Rodmaker, Northwest Regional Director

Dan Spurlock, Director of Marketing & Graphic Design

Sam Bailey, Secretary to Chief Executive Officer

Hannah Foltezer, Secretary to Executive Vice President

Rhonda Hinds, Certified Accountant ​

Amanda Cooper, PhD Chief Program Officer


Art Lab, Printing Company 


Bob Bowcock, Clean Water Expert

Bruce Turner, Graphic Designer

Daniel Willemin, CEO of DP Geotech 

David Woodhouse, Professional Geologist

Dawn Harrell, Zero Waste Brevard & Dawn Harrell Art

Erin Brockovich, Environmental Activist & Consultant

Dr. Julie Greenwalt, Radiation Oncologist

Lawyer Nicholas Vidoni, Vidoni Law LLC

Test America, Environmental Testing Laboratory 


Tiffany Johnson, Environmental Entrepreneur & Multipure Affiliate


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How will you help?

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Become a member!

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Become a Leader!


We encourage applicants to have a basic understanding of Fight For Zero's mission, projects, and services. 


To find out more about the F4Z Leader program and/or to connect with a F4Z Leader near you, please contact the team at

Eligibiliy Requirments 

  • F4Z Leaders must be able to speak, read and write in English.

  • F4Z Leaders must have regular and consistent access to a computer and the internet.


  • Assist F4Z staff and complete action plans. 

  • Assist in community outreach with professionalism and compassion.

  • Complete a mid-year and end-of-year satisfaction engagement survey concerning the F4Z Leader program. Links to the surveys are provided to members of the Leader program when appropriate.

  • Attend leadership meetings to report your activities as a F4Z Leader. 

  • Participate in F4Z conference calls or simply listen to the recording (links to the recordings provided to all Leaders when available).  

  • Provide education and awareness, participate in appropriate advocacy, and fundraise at least $1000 for F4Z through any F4Z event or a community fundraising event of their own creation.

  • Represent F4Z in their local communities, promote appropriate mission activities, and provide general cancer awareness.

Application Details

Please use the contact form of this site to get your application or come to the next leadership meeting.

We encourage you to visit our careers and internships page for current opportunities - and to learn more about our work - if you'd like to join our team.

It Started with a Story

Our founder, Stel Bailey, didn't set out to start a non-profit organization. Her life dramatically changed in a short amount of time. It started with one cancer diagnosis until it became her father, brother, family dog, close friends, and herself diagnosed within fourteen months of one another. A family with no genetic predisposition learned to become caregivers and patients at the same time. Determined to find answers she began to connect the dots through crowdsourcing and found many more families effected by disease in unusual ways. This bond is what ignited a future for change. ​


Let us help you find what you're looking for

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Join your community!  Keep up-to-date with the latest news and monthly events. Don't miss out!


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