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You can make a big difference close to home. From sharing your story to speaking out about Florida's sensitive ecosystem you can help in more ways than you realize.

1-Year Fight For Zero Membership 

Your protection is needed for Florida's ecosystem and the health of communities! Help us save Florida's estuaries from harmful pollution and toxic contaminates, and communities who are getting sick. Your membership helps us unite communities across the state to successfully advocate for change. Be a part of the Fight For Zero movement by becoming a member!

Clean & Healthy Waters

Communities throughout Florida are taking action!  From pesticide-free yards to toxic free policies, Florida leaders need to take charge to minimize toxic exposure of its residents and Fight For Zero is the key collaborator in those achievements.

We want to ensure that cities across Florida are leading the way towards a healthier tomorrow for young children, expectant moms, city workers, and everyone who lives, works, and plays here. While we need stronger laws to make sure harmful chemicals are not harming our more vulnerable residents, it is also up to the local government to do their part.



Uniting our voices to fight for clean water and healthier communities. Your membership helps us protect Florida's ecosystem and families facing illness due to toxic pollution.


Your contribution makes our work possible. Our mission is to help families affected by cancer or chronic illness and to protect future generations by fighting for zero toxic pollutants in Florida's environment.



Get involved by contacting your elected official. Reaching out to them is the only way to guarantee that your views are known and voice is heard.

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